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Super Acai Berry 500 Caps. (20:1, QCE 1000mg)


Take 2-4capsules a day with water.

  • 20 times the antioxidant power of red grapes.
  • 4 times the antioxidant power of blue berries.
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Acai Berries have been prized for hundreds of years for their ability to provide a sense of strength and energy from their high nutritional contents.
Acai Berries are high in essential fatty acids and omegas that have been found to lower both LDL and HDL cholesterol levels. Fatty acids aid in the transport and absorption of fat-soluble vitamins (e.g., Vitamins A, D, E, and K.)
Acai contains valuable phytosterols, commonly known as plant sterols. Phytosterols are components of plant cell membranes which provide humans with numerous benefits such as blocking cholesterol absorption sites in the human intestine, thus helping to reduce blood cholesterol, balancing blood pressure, and forming human skin oil. Phytosterols are currently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
Acai Berries are also a remarkable concentration of antioxidants to help combat premature aging and serious diseases like heart disease. The ORAC value* of Acai Berry is higher than any other edible berry on the planet.
Acai Berry is a dense source of a particular class of flavonoids called anthocyanins.
Anthocyanins are a group of phytochemicals in red wine which is believed to contribute to the “French paradox”, i, e. France has one of the lowest incidences of heart disease of any westernized society despite a prevalence of smoking and a diet high in saturated fat and cholesterol. Acai pulp contains 10-30 times the anthocyanins of red wine per equal volume.
Anthocyanins have been found to posses numerous potential therapeutic properties in the treatments of diabetic retinopathy, fibrocystic disease of the breast in addition to analgesic, neuroprotective, radiation protective, chemopratective, vasoprotective, and anti-in?ammatory activities.
Acai Berry is also an excellent source of dietary fiber.
Acai Berry also contains perfectly balanced amino acids and vital trace minerals, elements that are essential to proper muscle contraction and regeneration.
Natural Master Super Acai Berry is a perfectly balanced superfood in a capsule. If you feel your antioxidants level are low and your diet is not providing adequate fruits and vegetables, you may take 6 capsules a day.
If you eat well and just need a little boost, you may just use 2 capsules a day.

*ORAC value (oxygen radical absorbance capacity)


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